Spont Day

Registration for this event is now closed.

Spont Day 2017 will be Sunday, December 3rd, 11am-3:30pm. We are again grateful for the generosity of Wise School, our hosts for this event. The construction that limited our space at the school last year is completed, and this year we can accept any team with a membership number. Just submit the form below by November 18th. If you’re new to Spont Day….welcome!!. More details will be provided, but for now it goes like this:

You will receive a Spontaneous problem via email sometime before November 24th. You and whomever will be running the problem on Spont Day are expected to practice this problem with your team during that last week leading up to the event. Several times if necessary. The idea is to become familiar with it, as you will be assessing 8 team’s solutions to it on December 3rd.

Your “cost of admission” is

  • to provide the materials to run your problem for 8 different teams…the materials are relatively inexpensive.
  • to provide an adult to run the problem at Spont Day 8 times, and provide feedback to those 8 different teams: ideally from our perspective, this person is the coach -but the choice is yours.
  • if you are coaching more than one team, each team must register separately, and you are responsible to provide one adult to run the problem at the event for each registered team

Your team’s parents are invited too.  The first half of the event, they will attend parent workshops designed to provide both some experience solving Spontaneous problems and a discussion of a parent’s role in the program.

It is a an educational and engaging afternoon, and a great place to immerse yourself in the Spontaneous portion of this program.  Fill out the form below if you’d like to bring your team.