Logo Contest

THE T-SHIRT LOGO CONTEST DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED!! Please make sure you get your submissions in by December 5th! This year’s theme is THINK BIG!  The winning submission will be featured on the official 2019 LA Basin regional t-shirts as well as our Regional Tournament program.  We invite all interested team members to submit a design.

Shirts will be for sale during team registration and at the Regional Tournament.  The winning design will earn free t-shirts for their entire team, including the coach (and co-coaches) listed on the regional registration form.  They’ll also get credit on the shirt itself and associated bragging rights.

So teams, set your creativity loose!

Your problem is to design a logo for the LA Basin Region.  The following limitations apply to all submissions.

  1. Only team members may submit designs.
  2. This does not have to be a collaborative effort — the design may be produced by one or more members of a team.
  3. Designs may be produced on a computer or by hand and then scanned.
  4. Designs do NOT have to be production ready.  We will process the winning submission into a high quality graphic.
  5. The design is limited to one background color (the color of the shirt) and two ink colors.
  6. This year’s design theme is Think Big.
  7. Text should be kept to a minimum, as the image is most important.  However, each design MUST include the
    –The phrase “LA Odyssey
    –The year “2019

Designs are due December 5th, 2018.  They should be submitted via email to labasinrd1@socalodyssey.org.

The winner will be revealed at Spont Day (December 9th) and then announced online.

Have fun and be creative!

Please note:  Questions about these limitations will not be answered.  The Regional Board reserves the right to make minor modifications to the winning design (color, size, etc.).