Meet the Board

Meet the folks that volunteer for the year to year operation of your Regional program!

Debbie Neff
Regional Director &  Problem Captain 1

Jason Meth
Treasurer & Spont Day                         

Alyssa Chamberlin
Secretary & Problem Captain 2                                 

Chris Loop
Problem Captain 3 & Board Member          

Dean Wight
Problem Co-Captain 4 & Board Member        
 Amaris Cervantes
Problem Co-Captain & 
Board Member      
Amelia Wehr
Problem Captain 5                                        
John Tamkim
Regional Tournament Director
& Board Member                                                 
Ginger Chulack
Primary Problem Captain                      
Bonnie Tamkin
Spontaneous Problem Captain 
& Board Member                                       
Ryan Chamberlin                                

Score Captain                                                
Travis Takenouchi                                      

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