Mail Group

Coaches, the LA Odyssey mail group is the sole source of some information for our region.  Be sure to join, or you might miss out on something you need to know.

Click here to join the mail group !

Team members, parents, and other interested parties are welcome to join as well.


How does it work?

Once you sign up, just send an email from your address to That email then goes to everyone in the mail group. Anyone can read that email and reply directly to it, and their reply will go to everyone in the group as well. That’s pretty much the whole process!

It’s also possible to send an email from an address not on the list to and everyone will receive it. If your address is not subscribed to the list you won’t be able to receive replies.

If you have any issues at all trying to subscribe, please shoot the admin an email at

Thanks, and we look forward to being in touch!