Regional Time Line 2018

With many thanks to Bonnie Tamkin

for her willingness to round up all these elusive dates, and put them in one place )))

Events and Important Deadlines 2017/2018

Ongoing: Register or renew your membership with Odyssey of the Mind International (

Sept. 23: Coaches Training, Oak Park Unified

Sept. 30: Coaches Training, Pennekamp Elementary

Oct. 14: Coaches Training, San Jose Magnet Elementary

Oct. 23: Coaches Training, Lang Ranch Elementary

Nov. 18: Coaches Training, Thousand Oaks High School. 11am-2pm

Nov. 18: Deadline for 2018 Regional Logo Contest submissions (6:00pm)

Nov. 18: Deadline to register for Spont Day

Dec. 3: Spont Day at Wise School 11:00am – 3:30pm

the week of December 10th: the person who registered your team’s membership number on the national site will receive an email with a detailed team walkthrough that can guide you through the process of registering your team for the tournament. To that goal, links will be provided wherever possible. A post to the mail group will be your notification that the walkthrough is available. It will also be available on this site.

Jan. 7: Deadline: your team must be registered (that’s one part of the walkthrough) and its regional fee paid by this date to avoid the $25 late fee for tournament registration.

Jan. 21: LAST DAY to register for the LA Basin Regional Tournament and/or pay the registration fee +penalty

Jan 30: Deadline to order and purchase “Words of Encouragement” signs at regular prices

Feb. 10: LAST DAY to order and purchase LA Basin Regional Tournament t-shirts

Feb. 10: LAST DAY to order and purchase “Words of Encouragement” signs with late order surcharge

Feb. 10: LAST DAY for Judge’s registration. (this, too, is a part of the team registration walkthrough)

Feb. 17: Judges Training at Village Glen School

Feb. 24: LA Basin Regional Tournament at Westlake High School

March 24: California State Tournament at UC Riverside