20 Questions for your team

Top Twenty Questions to Ask Your Team in the Week Before the Tournament

Note: These are good questions for the coach to ask the team. Do keep in mind, however, that the team has to provide the answers. As the coach, you can ask… but they need to be the ones to decide.

20. Have you filled out a Material Values Form and do we have photocopies of any receipts and of the form?

19. Have you filled out the Style Form and made 3-6 photocopies (3 copies + auxiliary back-ups)?

18. Have you filled out two copies of the Outside Assistance form (1 copy + back-up)?

17. Do you have any other required lists (as specified in some problems), and extra copies?

16. Do you have any team clarifications you need to give the judges? Have you made copies?

15. Is the team sign “legal” and will it (they) be visible the entire performance?

14. Do all parents (and family members) know how to get to the tournament and what time arrive?

13. Do we have a camera to take pictures? Would a team member like to be in charge of that?

12. How can you be sure you won’t go overtime?

11. What if the scenery (or props) fall down?

10. What if someone forgets his/her lines?

9. Who is going to do a verbal spontaneous problem?

8. Who is going to do a hands-on spontaneous problem?

7. Do we have a master list and a person in charge of making sure everything we need, including the fix-it kit, arrives at the tournament on time? (Does everyone know what time to arrive?)

6. Does everyone know our schedule?

5. Do you all have watches you can wear, if possible?

4. How can we show our Odyssey of the Mind spirit and good sportsmanship?

3. Do all parents understand the Outside Assistance rules (including on Tournament Day?)

2. Does everyone know that our team is a great team and you are all winners, because you have won knowledge, skills and abilities that you will keep all your lives?

1. And lastly, Coach, two questions for YOU: have you planned a party or reward one day soon for this group that has worked so hard all year? And have you planned a rest period for yourself the day after the Meet? Take a good look at how far this team has come and then remind yourself that it is the process, not the score on the day of the Meet, that they will remember forever!